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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 24, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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all right, let the record state that the ladies of mckinley are grateful to tina cohen-chang. that sadie hawkins dance gave me back my swag. i not only snagged the cutest christian hippie in all of ohio, i was also empowered to apply for a wrestling scholarship at... harvard. (all gasping, cheering) i think brett really likes me. he even baked me brownies. isn't that sweet? i can't stop eating them. and i got to third base, bitches! (cheering) the dance couldn't have gone more perfectly if i do say so myself. and just between us girls, i think i found the love of my life. what? you're not talking about gay blaine? the "too young to be bitter club" is hereby disbanded. (cheering, whooping) bring it in, tina! bring it in! get over here, tina. captioning sponsored by 20th century fox brought to you by ford. go further. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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san francisco won't be hosting a big super bowl watch party. find out why and how authorities intent to keep a lid on the revelry.
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good evening i'm julie haener >> and i'm frank somerville. it is going to be a super bowl without a civic celebration.  deborah villalon is live with how the city plans to maintain order. reporter>> we're in the exelciur mission near mission and perka. but take a look at the this very same spot after the world series. super bowl night it plans for 450 officers to be on the street. aaa normal -- triple a normal
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sunday evening. >> it's inside the bar where people drink too much. they get outside the bar and somebody tkpwáets -- gets in a fight. >> if it looks like something is getting out of hand or if they got too much of a crowd in a bar we'll just close it down. reporter>> civic law outlawed super bowl watch parties. nummi will swap electric buses with diesel. . >> we don't want them hurt. we want them to be part of celebrating. reporter>> the mayor says he will visit businesses to urge them to take responsibility too. >> to suggest that they serve something than heavy alcohol,
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any duration sometimes doesn't help. reporter>> bottoms up, one bar in the middle of last week's party may bring in its own security for super bowl. bartenders say it's tough cutting drinkers off. >> it's a challenge. because everybody is excited. everybody wants to drink. everybody wants to celebrate. but it's just going to be -- it's just going to be hard. reporter>> and one other crack down we've learned of. widespread street closures on february 3rd. that's to block cars from cruising which is another big crowd attraction. we're live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu news and stay with the 10 10 -- 10:00 news for more super bowl coverage. in a few minute, colin kaepernick tells us his relationship with alex smith. and we will take you to his hometown, the special gift he sent there today. persistent rainfall in the san jose area.
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people still managed to get around just fine despite the drizzly weather. this was mainly a south bay event. people father north stayed relatively dry. that's right julie most of the rain was south of the fremont area. south of redwood city. if you were in the north bay you didn't get anything. oakland, san francisco nothing. we're kind of sandwiched between two systems. we'll come in a little closer, you see the last six hours of radar. you see most of the activity is confined to the south bay area. showers are tapering off right now, you can see some showers in liver mother but -- livermore but very, very light. showers have been relatively light for the santa cruz mountains. nearly .3 of rain have fallen. as we move forward into the five day forecast into the
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weekend there's a chance for more showers. when we get back i will have more details and the time line of that rain. air quality managers have called a spare the air day tomorrow. the recent rain hasn't been enough to flush particulates out of the air. the alert means people are not allowed to burn wood or fire logs unless that is their only source of heat. an investigation into whether the shooting of four teens were tied to a pair of shoes. two men came up to the group of three and there was a discussion about the shoes one of the students was wearing. >> the incident became more aggressive. and one of our students stood up from a sitting position and when he did so, one of the assailants drew a gun and fired. reporter>> she says one student
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was wounded and is still in the hospital. a second was grazed by a bullet. the third was not injured. we also checked with el cerrito police and tonight they are not confirming the story about the sneakers the national debate of gun violence moved to capitol hill today. senator dianne feinstein took the lead and introduced legislation banning military assault weapons. jana katsuyama is live now outside of a mass shooting in san francisco that triggered the nation's previous ban. jana. reporter>> senator feinstein was behind that first ban. it all came as you say from a mass shooting in san francisco. back in 19 # -- 1993. thaáts when -- that's when a man went on a rampage killing 20 people. and now nearly 20 years later, the battle continues. >> today my colleagues and i are introducing a bill to prohibit the sale, transfer,
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manufacture and importation of assault weapons. reporter>> senator feinstein's bill would ban 167 specific firearms. it includes semi automatic guns with a detachable magazine and at least one military feature. today's proposal comes nearly two decades after a deadly mass shooting in san francisco prompted feinstein's first assault weapons plan. segel was there when it happened >> . >> i was on the 36th floor. i was lucky. i got blind a -- i got behind a locked door. nothing seems to have have happened to generate the type of interest that would make us really do something. reporter>> the national rifle association has vowed to defeat the bill. >> i don't care if the weapon holds thousands thousands
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thousands cartridges. reporter>> he says the country should look at mental health and what causes the mass shootings in the first place. >> it is doing the wrong thing. it is trying to take away guns instead of getting to the cause. live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. a member of congress is raising privacy concerns about disney's new plan for what are called magic band bracelets. disney plans to issue those bracelets to guests at its theme parks. the bracelets are embedded with chips that can be used to pay for food and more. but the congressman of massachusetts is concerned. he wants to know if disney will be collecting too much personal information. shares of the cupertino
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company shared at $750. that was a 12% drop from yesterday's close. investors responded that growth in iphone sales is slowing. the sell off could cause apple to lose its status as the world's most valuable company. there is no slowing down for netflix. it's stock is up a whopping 32% closing at $146 a share. yesterday the los gatos company earnings exceeded all expectations. for compareson ten years ago a sale of netflix sold for just $6. jerry brown delivered his state of the state address today and it was a far more optimistic speech than anything we've heard in many years. ken pritchett was at the capital where jerry brown said that california has eluded the critics and has come out of a deficit. reporter>> it started with not
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talk of a cripple deficit but of a surplus. >> equal treatment for children in unequal situations is not justice. reporter>> brown said he wants a plan to protect the environment and he says california must move forward on high speed rail. >> i signed the initial high speed rail authority more than 32 years ago. in 2013 we finally break ground and start construction. >> reporter>> the governor called for lawmakers to open up a rainy day fund. even republicans like. >> i said i like it when you channel your inner republican because these are very republican type things. fiscal conservative. more local control. reporter>> they plan to maintain tight budgets and pay down debts. >> but if the economy keeps
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growing and if there is room to invest in the appropriate ways whether it be health and human services or education. we will of course do that. reporter>> governor brown says building a rainy day fund is key because our surplus could be wiped out by decisions made by the federal government on health care for example. which could cost our state billions of the dollars. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. and at we posted more video of the governor's state of state address. look for the video player right there on our home page. the district attorney has decided she will not bring charges against senior officials at a state park's department for hiding millions of the dollars in state funds. a report from california's attorney general accused state park officials of keeping a secret slush fund even as they threatened to close seven state parks because of funds. camela harris forwarded the report to the d. a however the
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d.a.'s office now says it would be difficult to prove wrong doing plus the money was never spent and nobody profited from the scream. i've seen him some where. >> ktvu shows you the sketch of an attempted kidnap suspect. tonight see the video of how the victim escaped. san jose finally gets their sharks but are they going to have to pay for the lock out. >> and the areas that could have rain in the morning.
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black and teal is back. the san jose sharks return to hp pavilion tonight after a four month lock out. ktvu's matt keller is live in san jose and tells us fans and busies -- businesses could not be happier even if it is a shortened season. reporter>> fans are very happy out here. the sharks just mounted an amazing come back and have just won 4-3 in a winning formula for downtown businesses, hockey in san jose, excellent for them. san jose shark fans were eager to get to the ice after nine months of no nhl hockey. >> you're excited to be back? >> absolutely. yeah. >> i've waited months for san jose to come back and play a home game. i'm so excited to watch. reporter>> if you were expecting a line of bitter fans upset over the lock out you did get a line, but this is for the shark's store. the fans eager to support their
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team. >> we just waited so long to get them back and i have to get a piece of whatever they have. anything new i want it. reporter>> workers were hit hard by the loss of the sharks. no games meant no work for hundreds of employees. >> work has been a lot less this season. a lot people have been really feeling that. so we're tkphrad that they -- we're glad that they are back. reporter>> restaurants and bars in downtown are also glad the sharks are back. they lost 60% of their business and were forced to get rid of workers. today a packed house. and an energy not seen since last season. >> it was packed when we walked in. and that's the way it should be. this place needs the sharks and the sharks need them so it's a win-win. reporter>> downtown restaurants and bars are expecting a busy weekend as well. the same or similar circumstances shrarbg -- the sharks have back to back home gains on saturday and sunday
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and just like today they hope for a win. matt keller, ktvu. our joe fonzi has been keeping an eye on the sharks and he will have the highlights in sports. a lithium battery shows signs of short circuiting. inside a lab, ntsb analysts are dissecting that charred battery piece by piece. it caught fire earlier this month inside a boeing dream liner inside of logan airport. >> we do not expect to see fire events on board aircrafts. there are multiple systems to protect against a battery event like this. those systems did not work as intended. we need to understand why. >> all 50 boeing dream liners have been grounded worldwide while investigators look at the problem. a 13-year-old girl told
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police a man tried to kidnap her. the teen was on her way to school early last friday morning on north 33rd and james street. it was dark but a neighbor's security camera captured a blurry imagine of a girl running. there is no clear imagine of the attacker. he is described as 25 to 35 years old, possibly latino with a mustache. one woman in the neighborhood told us, her and her father recognized the sketch. >> as soon as i saw the sketch i was like, i've seen him. it was in this area and i've always seen him on foot. >> she says that she does not know his name, but he appeared to be waiting for a ride to work. today they released surveillance video of three suspected scammers. in this case the suspects made off with nearly $50,000 in
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valuables. you can see the suspects here surround the victim. police say what they do is they trick people into seeing a chinese doctor who will bless and purify their valuable -ts. valuables. those valuables are put in a bag, but during the blessing they switch the objects and gold for similar weighing items. christien kafton takes the pulse of job creation in contra costa county tonight. reporter>> the bay area's newest 24 hour fitness is preparing to open its doors in walnut creek. managers here say before the customers can work out they have to hire dozens of workers. >> we have 70 employees that we've hired for this location. so it's truly given us an opportunity to help the economic growth here in the walnut creek area. reporter>> u.s. jobless claims dropped to 320,000 the lowest since january 2008. >> we're sending people to
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staffing agencies here.. there's 45,000 un unemployed people in contra costa. our job is to help them get jobs. reporter>> the numbers are encouraging. >> feels like we're nudging into the right direction. nothing huge yet. reporter>> and job seekers say the news is encouraging. she's doing her home work. >> it helps when you're trying to switch careers to know if that job will be around in the future. >> we're getting ready to get this thing launched. reporter>> back at 24 hour fitness, the good news is just beginning. >> we have locations coming in fremont real soon in march. and we have a location coming to hayward. reporter>> there's another key indicator which rose a half percent in december. that's a symbol of economic growth this coming spring. in concord, christien kafton,
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ktvu news. on wall street stocks ended the day mixed. the nasdaq fell 23 mostly due to apple's big slide. apple accounts for 28% of the index. mark zuckerberg is getting involved in politics. the event will be held next month at zuckerberg's estate. zuckerberg donated $100,000 for schools in newark. governor kristi is republican and overwhelming favorite to be reelected -- governor christie. they tapered down the last few hours down in the liver mother valley down to antioch. that's where we go now toward the antioch brent wood area. and then antioch come in a little closer and you can see some of the streets along loan
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street way. you have light showers. you have some light scattered showers and you can kind of see the area. it's dwindling down now. most of the showers should be ending but there's a chance for showers late tonight and early tomorrow morning. temperatures outside right now are in the 50s. low 50s and upper 40s. dewpoint temperature they're in the upper 40s too. so fog will begin to form in the area. visibility will be low but just to half a mile. so when i come back at 10:45, we'll take the computer model and go right to your bay area weekend so you can plan what you want to do. we'll see you back here. the fight over the closure of an oyster farm
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kaepernick would be the first one to remind you alex smith did not do such a bad job. it was smith that first saw capper in this case at the camp alex two summers ago. the two quarterbacks have been completely respectful between the transition from one to the other. >> it means a lot. it really shows his character and the kind of man he is. he's helped me through everything from week now to
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now. >> it's the nature of sports, you know. you got an opportunity to step up. and made the most of it. and that's the way i got my start in college. the person in front of me was hurt. it's just the nature. >> it's thursday. we've got another whole week to unearth every single possible angle. >> we're going to find out every single thing i have a feeling. >> it's got to be hard >> but very professional. >> we'll see you in sports. thanks joe. the parents of the harbaugh brothers jim and john took part of a conference calls and one of the brothers totally stole the show when he stole the show from his son. >> we have a question from john
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from baltimore. >> is it true that you both like jim better than john? >> is that john harbaugh. >> hi parents say they are not favoring either son to win the super bowl. >> well a sneak preview roft movie about steve jobs hit the web today. steve wasniack says a scene out of that movie is inaccurate. >> that changes everything. >> that's pretty cool i guess. >> wasniack said the first scene released from the movie never happened. he also says the personalities are wrong. jobs is played by actor ashton cutcher. the movie is debuted tomorrow. a collection drive kicked off in the south bay to help high school girls with a very important ritual. san jose's vice mayor wynn and volunteers are collecting new and gently used dresses, prom dresses for girls who can't afford one. this is the 50th year of operation prom dress. it helps girls from around the
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bay area. donations are being accepted until march 8 and dresses given away on march 10th. wynn says coupons for hair and make up will also be handed out this year. rescue crews jump into action after unrelentless rain. the effort to save a girl that put his rescuer in danger. hundreds of people are hitting the streets of one bay area city. find out who they are looking for and why.
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new at 10:00, a census underway right now. volunteers have spread out across san francisco to count the city's homeless residents one by one. amber lee is live and tells us why getting that number right is so critical. amber. reporter>> julie right now hundreds of volunteers are
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walking neighborhoods all over the city to count homeless people. the census is done once every two years and the information is used to provide services. ramirez says her day job at the hospital involves working with homeless patients. doing this count she says is another way of helping. >> you kind of see the other side of it and see those folks that we haven't helped yet but they're out on the street and just get that word out there. reporter>> the city has to conduct the census in order to receive more than $20 million annually in federal funding for homeless services. >> i used to bar tend in new york and i could not get a bar tending job here. reporter>> this couple says they hope the census count will help get better services. >> the ones they offer aren't very good. reporter>> the last count found the number of homeless declining. city officials say a $3 million
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donation from sales founder and his wife for homeless families will hopefully mean there are fewer on the street tonight. >> this count is important for us. because i want to know what we're doing and whether the programs that we have are making an impact. reporter>> this homeless man says an alcohol addiction caused a downward spiral. he hopes to receive counseling. >> i could do a lot better with my life if i had the chance with the right guidance. i will do whatever it takes. reporter>> 250 volunteers are expected to count until midnight. city officials say they won't have the totals until next week. live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now we checked san francisco's last survey back in 2011 it showed more than 6,400 homeless living on city streets. 10% of those people reported they were part of a homeless
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family and 20% blamed alcohol or drug abuse as the primary cause of their homelessness. after almost 62 years in some 39 million meals served the old st. anthony's dining hall in san francisco is no more. but that's about to change. >> with a little song and celebration st. anthony's broke ground. >> this is sacred ground for us. this corner has been the place where people have been fed and the poor have had their needs met. reporter>> the new dining room is expected to be finished by the end of 2013. st. anthony's still has to raise $200,000 to complete the plan. 32-year-old seth myer faces
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charges of murder and attempted murder. prosecutors say he charged and killed daniel colon and wounded his cousin as the two walked from the car. myers did not enter a plea and was ordered h -- held on $2 million bail. he is due back in court monday. relatives and friends of the victim gathered for an emotional prayer service today. it was held at the the scene of the shooting on maple street near skwre geneva. colon had lived his entire life in the neighborhood and was on his way home after celebrating the 49ers victory when he was killed. a ktvu crew was at moffet field at the team loaded up and headed to afghanistan. combat search and rescue in afghanistan and the horn of africa. you can see the guards men loading the helicopter on board
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the massive c5 transport plane. the 129th provides medical care for those wounded during combat. >> they are armed helicopters that go into the fire fight. our mission is to get people medical care as quickly as possible. >> the main thing we have to keep in mind is to make sure other people get to go home to their families as well. now to capitol hill where secretary of state nominee john kerry faced a mostly friendly crowd during his confirmation hearing today. the senator from massachusetts faced questions on a litany of foreign policy subjects from the senate foreign relations committee. along the topics, how best to t handle the nuclear threat from iran, sir syria and the emerging threat in africa. his nomination is expected to win easy approval. in news of the world
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tonight in queensland australia, there's been 20 swift water rescue after five days of heavy rain. one rescuer was swept away himself trying to save a 14- year-old boy. both are okay tonight. 13-inches of rain has fallen in the past 24 hours and more is expected. there have also been landslides and widespread flooding. in north korea, a national television announced the government will carry out a third test. yang claims it's rockets can reach the u.s. and are capable of carrying nuclear war heads. western military experts doubt that claim. and in russia, a dashboard camera captured a frightening car crash on icy roads. as that car spun out of control, a 3-year-old girl was thrown on her back and landed on the roadway. one truck narrowly avoided h itting her and another stopped right on time. she was not secured in a car
10:38 pm
seat. the girl only had minor injuries. >> we're going to take you into the caldecut tunnel and show you what you have to do before you drive through it. >> will it rain for your weekend? chief meteorologist bill martin is back with your complete forecast. in eight minutes we're going to tell you to colin kaepernick's hometown. how businesses are cashing in on his sudden stardom.
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in san jose police will not confirm it for us but the mercury news is reporting an arrest in the home invasion robbery that happened early this week. investigators say three suspects ransacked a home on monday afternoon. they tied up an older couple at
10:41 pm
gunpoint, stole jewelry, electronics and their new cars. both of those cars were later recovered tonight we asked police about their report of an arrest. they told us they are not commenting on the case. the fourth bore of the caldecut tunnel is nearing completion. reporter>> the $400 million caldecott tunnel is near completion. >> we're 80% complete. we are slated to open to traffic in late 2013 we're on track to open to traffic later this year. reporter>> it could stand any strength earthquake and be on service for emergency traffic for three days. counter commute back ups will be a thing of the past. >> caltrans will be dedicating two bores permanently to eastbound traffic and two bores
10:42 pm
permanently to westbound traffic. reporter>> starting next month they'll be laying the roadbed. but this is just the pwot bottom of it. what you will be riding on, will be way up here >> the systems include the fire system, the traffic management system. the electrical system. the drainage system all critical for operating the tunnel. reporter>> and a 10-foot wide shoulder length will allow stalled cared to be pulled out. one of the critical pieces of bay area infrastructure coming up. >> this and devil slide is the first projects by caltrans since the 1964 caldecutt tunnel was open to traffic. reporter>> 1/3 of the money came from contra costa residents that wanted a better commute. the killing of two cougar
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cubs in south moon bay inspired new legislation by jerry hill. his bill would allow the california department of wildlife to use nonlethal options when responding to calls about cougars such as the cub kwrous see -- cubs you see in this picture. current law do not give many options when mountain lions are prowling in populated areas. this bill would also allow partnership with wildlife conservation groups. people lined up at a clinic for a shot of protection from the flu. many people had been waiting for a new batch to come in and today they were giving mercury free flu shots for $10 a piece. the flu shot has been separaticly unavailable in california because of the high demand. the vaccine is an important step in protecting yourself against the flu. flying cars, a reality. the california man behind them
10:44 pm
and how soon he says you'll be able to get one. >> everywhere you go it's all about capper in -- kaepernick and everything he's done. >> the gift he sent to his high school today we have tomorrow tracker 2. we'll see how these showers could factor into the bay area weekend. chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show
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then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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developing news now out of san jose where a man was found stabbed to death. police tell us a man suffering from several stab wounds was found near south side drive and hope street. he was taken to the hospital where he died. several male suspects stabbed the man and then took off. at this point no arrests or i.d. on that victim. residents of the central
10:47 pm
california town of turlock have reason to be proud. san francisco quarterback kaepernick grew up there. and as cara liu tells us. they've been having fun and cashing in. reporter>> business has doubled in the past week. >> on a good day we have a line out the door for almost four hours, straight. reporter>> kaep chaos they call it. thanks to a contest the restaurant held to name a hot dog after the town's most famous football player. there's also a kaepernick burger down the street. and even kaep cakes. >> this is from colin. thank you so much. >> you're welcome >> good luck on the super bowl. reporter>> kaepernick and his family had a couple hundred kaep cakes delivered to his alma mater today. the cup cakes red velvet with the number seven we a gift to the staff to thank them for all
10:48 pm
the extra work they've done. >> he loves winning, he's going to take what it takes to win and he's just a hard working guy. >> just so excited for him. he's worked so hard to get to this level. >> this is truly a dream player to coach. don't let all that fool you. he had a 4.0. >> the steve youngs and montanas. we love those guys. now it's our guy. that's probably the wildest part >> that means a lot. that's where i'm from. that's where my roots are. reporter>> in turlock, cara liu. a futuristic development is off the ground. we may one day be riding in vehicles like these. like the jet sons. it's called a sky car and it's now being tested in wind tunnel
10:49 pm
-ts -- tunnels and it'll be the first car version >> . >> it'll take a year until the first deliveries. reporter>> it's designed for short distance and streetcar level. technologies of southern of california has put $80 million to turn the vision into a reality. the plan is to build that sky car in china. bitter cold weather has an icy grip in parts of the country. the bryan park fountain in mid- town manhattan looked more like a piece of art. and in deluth temperatures below zero caused steam to roll off lake superior forming clouds over the lake. >> it's warmer out there now because of the weather system. they've been going at it all afternoon into the evening hours. you can see that area of
10:50 pm
showers out toward antioch and out toward discovery bay. they are winding down and as we move out over the area we're going the see cloudy conditions and some valley fog forming. if you look here, this is sort of interesting. see that rain sloth. it basically hung out south of redwood city all day. if you look at the rain totals, they worked their way to livermore. it was coming down but everybody else, they're like what are you talking about. it didn't rain. here's how it goes tomorrow. the clouds and the rain moving out of the area. there'll be some clouds tomorrow. maybe a chance of a sprinkle. but mainly fog when you wake up. fog burns off. partly cloudy, partly sunny. then we get into the weekend and we bring more clouds in. the valley fog tomorrow morning. i don't suspect visibilities will be that low. i think they'll be love a quarter mile. but the moisture is right and the conditions are right for that fog to form. so this system moves off.
10:51 pm
that's what's happening now. the ground is wet, the fog forms. we will start to clear out for friday. maybe a sprinkle or two. called partly sunny and mild. temperatures tomorrow mid-50s so not a bad day. the computer -- commute will start you off tomorrow morning. nothing is going on really. some clouds maybe a sprinkle. then we go to saturday morning, then this system starts to move in. maybe a sprinkle. sunday morning just a messy pattern. sunday looks like our best day in the weekend you get some clearing. sunday there might be a sprinkle in there. because of where these systems are coming from they are kind of mild and warm we're looking at low 60s tomorrow. sixty in santa rosa, 63 in oakland. morgan hill 62. 62, 65 in santa cruz. it's really just a nonevent in terms of showers as we go into this bay area weekend.
10:52 pm
the main impact really will be just the cloud cover. i think the weekend is not going to be a wash out at all by any means. do what you're going to do but maybe a sprinkle or two saturday morning. the cold overnight lows, they're a thing of the past. right now we're dealing with overnight lows in the 30s. >> i can handle that environmentalists environmentalists hoping to restore hethechey voted to allow all water districts served by the system to have a say. an advisory measure on san francisco's ballot last november was rejected by voters a come from blind -- behind win tonight for the sharks. >> plus a major res restoration at the coliseum. we'll tell you what's going on there. >> you can watch all of our
10:53 pm
newscasts live right there on your mobile device, just download the ktvu app.
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super cross racers were checking out a newly built track at the oakland coliseum today. as you can see getting airborne they are preparing for the
10:56 pm
monster energy super cross race saturday night at 7:00. this is the third year that race has been he'll at the coliseum >> can - will be held at the coliseum. >> imagine bringing in all that dirt. and joe fonzi is here and we're talking not 49ers, but sharks. >> they played their home opener after opening the season with two wins on the road. and they started with parise, through two a pass. barb era 1-0 san jose. 7-1/2 minutes into the third quarter. the sharks were down 3-2. then. ryan won't close and the game tied at three. to patrick mar -- marlow.
10:57 pm
the sharks entered a empty nether. a busy any night of bay area college basketball with st. mary's leading the way in point production. samhan in the house tonight to see st. mary's go against san diego. he was in assist mode. rejected but stays with the ball. get it is assist to waldo. st. maries by 23 at the half. the gail's add to the lead at the half. the assist again. the gailing roll 81-68. 5-1 in the wcc. usf in portland where the dawns were winners. stanford tonight in boulder to take on colorado and it wasn't cold. andre robertson had a night. twelve points, 20 rebounds. here he makes a steal and
10:58 pm
assist as to xavier johnson. the bears work the ball around to crab. it goes crab three of four from beyond the arch. the bears win 52-57 they improve to 11-7 it's a new era in golden warrior as the first player ever has been named to the all star team. ten point eight rebounds per game while shooting 62% on the field. the warriors had helped seth curry might also be named this year to the team. it'll be held february 13th in
10:59 pm
houston. the last time a warrior was chosen, 1997. we begin our reports from new orleans on sunday evening. >> you're going to be down there aren't you. >> we're going to be down there. we're going to be sending a whole crew of people down there. >> and we're going to be keeping you updated all the way to the game. >> certainly. and thank you for joining us tonight. >> they're working to find out more about the homicide we told you a few moments ago. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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